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The Medef Statutory Committee met on May 4, 2018 to examine the validity of the candidatures for the presidency of Medef, in accordance with article 16 of the statutes.

The statutes provide that each candidate must not be over 65 years of age on the date of the election, must belong to an active member organization of Medef or one of its components and present the signatures of 50 members of the General Assembly having deliberative voice.
After examination, these 9 applications were validated by the Statutory Committee (in alphabetical order):
Mr Pierre Brajeux, Mrs Dominique Carlac'h, Mr Olivier Klotz, Mr Fabrice Le Saché, Mr Patrick Martin, Mr Frédéric Motte, Mr Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, Mr Alexandre Saubot, Mr Jean-Charles Simon .

Pierre Brajeux and Fabrice Le Saché withdrew their application on May 4th. Jean-Charles Simon withdrew his candidacy on May 16th. Dominique Carlac'h also withdrew his on 1 June. Frédéric Motte withdrew his candidacy on June 4th. Patrick Martin withdrew his candidacy on June 12th after the advice of the executive council. Finally, Oliver Klotz withdrew his candidacy on June 20th.

Find below the elements transmitted to date by the candidates.

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